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I said mutha farkin testing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

yeah so I was thinking the other day, yeah big shock huh? The topic...martini's vs tequila shots.
Alright so tequila is actually supposed to be enjoyed as a fine sipping beverage, but I think I've only done that a total of 10 times in my life. The rest of the time its been a shot slinging existance with this wonderful liquor. SO that brings me to shots of tequila vodka and what have you. Now at some point in time there was a snooty person who decided that they were too good to sip their vodka or gin from a shot glasss so what do they do? That's right boys and girls they made a foo foo glass, which is the biggest bitch in the world to serve a drink in and put their shots of gin and vodka in it. Thus creating a new drink which they called a martini. They did this so they could be sofisticated and snooty while sipping their "shots". So a martini is essentially a rich, snooty man's shot. The best part of this whole ordeal? They actually pay more for their snootiness. YES! Observe.

Shot of Ketel 1 at my work: $4.50
Ketel 1 Martini with an olive: $5.50
Ketel 1 neat with olive juice and an olive: $4.50

So these people pay a dollar more just for a name and a glass. How sad is that? Or how justified is that i should say.
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