life is too short to drink cheap booze (abscencefollows) wrote in vive_tequila,
life is too short to drink cheap booze

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warning: sentence structure was never my strong point...

i was takin shots of tequila with these crazy chicks in paris... in this crazy little, basement bar at like 3 am. and these silly guys came up to us, and started buying us more shots of tekillya, talkin bout "i fly you around the world, you're so beautiful" blah blah blah... and all that other mumbo jumbo. at any rate, we decide to leave, so we bid them farwell, and head for the door.. but the guy stops us and is like, you gotta pay now. hahaha.. so, instead of paying, we sent the bill to the silly french guys, and fucking BOOKED it.... well, stumbeled mostly, through the streets of paris... got lost on the subway system dealie, and ended up banging on the door of our hotel at 5 am, shitfaced.

it wasn't funny, but rob made my post a story. deal with it.
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