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First Post

So this will be my kewl tequila story right now. When I was a wee lad of 20 I went to a local bar which my co-workers frequented. Being underage I was quite hesitant on going to that establishment, but I went because we had a few cute waiters working there. We went and I tasted my first good tequila, good ole Patron Silver. I had been drinking tequila in the past but it was just Cuervo Gold or 1800 on special occasions. I quickly did the shot proffered me and realized I didn't need salt or lime, YUMMY! I turned to a friend to tell them I needed to hit tha head, when a tap on my shoulder turned me the opposite direction. I turned and found our cocktail waitress trying to hand me another shot glass, not wanting to be seen as rude I quickly grabbed it with a smile and asked why I deserved such a shot.

M = ME
CW = Cocktail Waitress

CW: This is from one of your co-workers.
M: Okay thanx *digs out a dollar for a quick tip*
CW: *smiles and saunters off*

Im having a good time with my jack and coke, its the only drink I could order under pressure, when she tapped me again.

CW: *hands me another shot of Patron* This is from another co-worker, is your bday or something? *smiles dazzlingly*
M: Well, yeah I guess *shrugs* More of a late celebration.
CW: All right *smiles and saunters off again*

I was back into my pool game when she taps me again.

CW: *hands me another shot* You're co-workers must love you!
M: Yeah Im thinking the same thing *turns to all my co-workers gathered* Thanx guys!
CW: All right now this shot *hands me another darker shot* is from me.
M: KEWL! *does shot*cough*sputter*
CW: Good? *smiles*
M: Very, what was that?
CW: Patron Anejo.
M: Ohhhhhh yummy *feeling a bit fuzzy at this moment*
CW: *hands me a napkin* Call sometime tiger. *saunters off again*

WOW! All I could think was Im drunk, I got hit on by the cocktail waitress and that tequila was bitchin! So she leaves at the end of her shift and I keep drinking with my friends. We head across the street to one of my friend's apartments when I gather up the courage to call this girl. She answers and we chit chat for a bit before Kevin, the owner of the apartment, shouts I will be over with some liquor real soon. My co-workers pool their money and run to the store to get a bottle of Patron and Cuervo. Im stunned as they hand the bottles to me and push me out the door, it turned out the waitress lived in the same complex. The rest of the night is hazy, all I know and remember is waking up at like 9AM in the middle of her living room floor with her snuggled up to me and scantily clad women surrounding me. All bottles of liquor in viewing distance were empty. I woke up later to her roommate watching a movie and making plans on buying more liquor for the nights festivities. I tried to bow out but she wouldn't allow it and I partied again with my friend Patron.

How's that for a good liquor story? The ending is kind of anti-climatic we dated a bit and then went our separate ways, but man what a way to meet someone, ja?

All right we need a good icon, Im gonna take some pics of tequila bottles and such, but if anybody can find something worthwhile send it to me and I'll be sure to see if we can iconify it for a wee bit.
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